Application Development

Rubech IT has unique experience and expertise across a diverse technology stack through over 15 years of Application Development. By covering all stages of the development process, we know how to take advantage of the latest features with prompt application upgrades, adding analytics capabilities to track your business or e-commerce solutions, as well as monetization strategies.

Our team has extensive experience building new solutions from scratch, as well as migrating from outdated technologies to modern platforms.

We work with our customers to create a digitally agile business that evolves and stays ahead of the competition

Save time, effort and cost in carrying out day to day tasks which is delivered through process optimization and system automation. Accelerate decision making with connected planning across core business functions. Achieve higher levels of throughput utilizing business ready data to gain competitive advantage in your industry.

The applications we develop for our customers are mobile compatible and are developed using the following products.

  • SharePoint

  • PowerApps

  • PowerAutomate

  • PowerBI

Microsoft SharePoint mobile app on Samsung s8.


Improve your business effectiveness and facilitate information management by developing a wide range of custom SharePoint solutions.

SharePoint is a versatile development platform for building add-ins and solutions with varying scopes that address a wide range of needs. Our development team has experience in creating applications with on-premise SharePoint 2016 and Office 365.

Large organizations like Microsoft have deployed SharePoint solutions that our development team created for their specific needs.

If you are tired of looking at a boring off-the-shelf deployment of SharePoint sites, we are here to help!


Rubech IT designs and builds award winning mobile applications for businesses converting their manual processes into automated digital processes.  We utilize PowerApps to develop high-productivity business applications that is used to navigate innovation throughout the organization. Application users can securely create, share and connect their apps and external data sources such as Salesforce, SharePoint and Dropbox with anyone on any device within a matter of minutes.  If you are looking for a seamless integration of data, increased productivity, better control, security and automated processes then speak to us about creating an application for your business on this platform



Bring your business processes to life by making them happen automatically using PowerAutomate. Our development team are experienced creating and delivering automation by creating workflows that carry out different functions between applications. These include synchronizing files, obtain and provide notifications, collect data and more. The PowerAutomate component of our applications enhances the use of the application we deliver to organizations.


Visualize interacting with your business data to make informed decisions. This is the power of business intelligence allowing business users to interact with the data in a meaningful way.   At Rubech IT, we have built dashboards using this platform to provide Business Analytics solution that allows customers across diverse industries to obtain up-to-the minute business information in graphical form on demand – with little to no IT intervention.  We pride ourselves as providing organizations with self-service Business Intelligence tools that gives them the capability to analyze, visualize and share data across the enterprise.  Our Business Intelligence solution can also be integrated into the applications we build giving our customers an integrated experience. 

Thinking of having the right information at your finger tips to support your decision making?  Schedule a consultation with someone from our Business Intelligence team.