About Rubech IT

Rubech IT assists organizations deliver quality, flexible and cost effective Business and IT solutions. Our unique blend of Business and Technology expertise ensures that we successfully deliver business transformation initiatives that meets the needs of our customers within the specified time frame.

Our services broadly covers IT Consulting, IT Managed Service, IT Security as well as support organizations for all of their digital procurement needs.  We specialize in Change Management, Programme Delivery, Business Analysis Services, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Support, Business transformation during mergers and acquisitions, and Technical Services across different industries.

Our services enable clients deliver complex technology implementation cut overs whilst adopting a sophisticated deployment management solution with real-time collaboration across geographically dispersed teams. We are a leader in business and technology services, helping our customers bring the future of work to life – today.

Our Approach

We provide our customers with an informed, expert service that begins from the minute they start speaking to us. Before any contracts are signed, customers benefit from our multi-industry experience through our Account Management Service. Our people are at the core of our operations as we provide new ideas, inspiration and passion to help customers succeed in a challenging business environment.  We will work with you to fully understand your requirements and provide technical and strategic advice on the most effective skill sets for effective delivery.

Giving our customers peace of mind is of paramount importance and our team have been hand-picked having demonstrated themselves to be leading experts in their field.

By utilizing our tried and tested experts who take full responsibility for execution, customers can be confident that their complex programmes, often with aggressive delivery timelines will be delivered within the agreed project window. The experience of our specialists removes the risk from projects; that risk is further minimized for customers with our risk sharing commercial model.